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The Tri TrimTM case trimmer is extremely fast and accurate. The trimmer is fully machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and 300 series stainless. The unit is overbuilt from the ground up requiring minimal maintenance while providing years of hard use. It requires a user supplied corded hand drill with trigger lock to power the unit.

Forster Original, Power Case Trimmer 3 in 1 Case Mouth Cutter

The Tri TrimTM is built around the bullet proof “Forster 3-in-1 cutter” which employs high quality blades made from carbide steel that cut to length as well as chamfer both the inside and outside of the case mouth. They should never need sharpening when used on brass cases. The carbide cutter blades are factory set to ensure precise cutting. Five calibers choices are available (224, 243, 264, 284, 308).

Case prep is a necessary evil. The trim operation for rifles cases is especially time consuming unless you are using a Tri Trim. It is designed from the ground up to make trimming cases easy, fast and accurate. The case is completely supported in a holder that is machined for a perfect fit with its respective cartridge. The holder is screwed into an aluminum carriage which slides on machined stainless steel guides. The spindle is also machined from stainless steel and rides in precision sealed ball bearings. It's like a lathe for your cases.

Set Up
The Tri Trim will come with one cutter head and case adapter as ordered and will need to be set up before use. Before any adjustments are made to the Tri Trim make sure the power source is removed. All adjustments should be made by hand turning the spindle shaft for safety. The “Forster 3-in-1" cutter head is set at the factory with an inside chamfer of 14deg and an outside chamfer of 30deg. The case adapter is equipped with a lock ring for length adjustment and is moved in or out to reach the desired case length. Once the length is right, tighten the lock ring screw and you are ready to trim. Install the power source and begin trimming your cases. The case trimmer should never be use without the protective blade cover.

Henderson Precision Custom Reloading Equipment Company The Tri Trim is designed to work in many configurations. It can be powered by a drill press or a hand drill. It is preferable to clamp or screw it to your work bench. When utilizing a hand drill with trigger lock the handle of the drill will lay against your work surface in the opposite direction of rotation. When in the proper position for use the Tri Trim will set on your work surface with the cutter head facing you. As you look at it the rotation is counter clockwise. This will mean that your drill will be turning in the normal clockwise direction and the handle will be laying on your right side. When the drill is positioned correctly turn it on and lock down the trigger so it stays running. Insert a clean and sized case into the case holder and push against it with your thumb. There are flat areas on both sides of the carriage to place your fingers to keep them out of the cutting area. Both hands need to be placed on the carriage to prevent injury. With a clamping motion between your thumb and fingers hold the case in the holder tight and move the carriage toward the cutter head. As you move it into the cutter head you will feel the pilot enter the case mouth and then the blades cutting and chamfering the case mouth. Retract the carriage and remove the case. Inspect the case mouth and overall length to double check adjustments. If more adjusting is required refer to the "set up" instructions. If the case meets specifications, repeat the process. Once adjusted the Tri Trim is very consistent and will repeat to within +or- .002" with the same brand of brass.

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